Mobiles with 8 GB or even 10 GB of RAM, why?

What's the point of having 10 GB of RAM on your smartphone?

In this age of technological advances, today's smartphone will not be the one you'll want in the future. Is it just a whim or a real need? What exactly is the point of high performance, like having 10GB of RAM in your phone? This is explained in the following lines.

Has optimization become a marketing option?

Communication is a necessity that companies cannot do without in the 21st century. In the beginning, the telephone was only used to make calls. Nowadays, this kind of mobile phone is useless. The phone that has become a smartphone must then be able to take photos and videos, support games and applications of all kinds, in addition to its basic functions. Evolving needs imply a continuous optimization of the performance of smartphones. From improving the quality of the camera to the operating system. To this end, several models of smartphones are being put on the market, each offering more options than their competitors.

How many GB of RAM would be ideal for a smartphone?

In general, the smartphone's RAM contributes to the power of the smartphone. It helps to avoid bugs, even when using several applications simultaneously. Having 2 GB of RAM seems insufficient to fully enjoy your smartphone. 10 GB of RAM also seems too much for a smartphone with applications that require minimal RAM usage. Also, the phone's performance is not measured by the value of RAM alone. A perfectly configured smartphone, referring to the existing processor and application, should not consume as much RAM. 3 to 4 or even 6 GB of RAM are required for a smooth experience with your smartphone.

10 GB of RAM, what for?

A smartphone with 10 GB of RAM is much larger than the RAM of a high-performance laptop. Even with all 10 GB of Ram, a game that requires a lot of RAM would not use the full potential of this memory. The existence of that much RAM in a smartphone is still subject to debate at the moment. As for its use, is it just a selling point to win over mobile phone enthusiasts? Given the technological advance, these 10 GB of RAM might not be enough for new smartphones in the future, however, the expertise, presents the latest innovation and evolution of mobiles and smartphones.
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