Which mobile plan should you choose if you travel regularly?

Do you often travel abroad for leisure or work? Do you want to find a package adapted to these frequent trips without breaking the bank? We give you all our tips to make maximum savings on your international mobile package….

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How useful are the latest trends in smartphone options?

Over the past several years, artificial intelligence has integrated our smartphones in more and more surprising ways. Mobile phones have so many features that we wonder whether all this is really useful to us in our daily lives, or whether…

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Connected Objects: The Age of “Repair it yourself”

Mobile technology companies are offering more and more high-performance devices. Connected watches and other devices are now part of everyday life. Although the operation of these devices appears complex to the general public, it is possible to carry out certain…

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Fingerprint sensors under the screen: how does it work?

A smartphone is never secure enough for most people. Numerical code, pattern, password of any kind seem not to be enough for an optimal locking of the Smartphone. In this age of technological evolution, smartphone locking can be done using…

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