How to reduce your bill with a box + mobile pack?

Almost all operators now offer their box + mobile packs. A solution that allows you to have all your telecom packages (telephony and internet) with the same operator. You can easily find all these box + mobile packs. But are these offers really interesting? Should you choose one of these combined offers? We explain everything in this article.

What are the advantages of opting for a box + mobile pack?

First of all we explain the different advantages of choosing a box + mobile pack. Are they more economical? Is it really useful to have all your packages with the same operator? The answer will mainly depend on your needs and the way you manage your mobile and box packages.

The pack box + mobile the most practical solution to manage your packages

The primary advantage when choosing a combination offer is obviously the ease of management of its packages. Indeed all your packages will be gathered at the same operator and thus within the same customer area. If you manage your packages online you will have only one customer area and therefore only one login and password to remember. Are you a phone user? In this case you will have only one phone number to remember and only one contact person. But beware, this can be practical and problematic. Because if you have the slightest problem with your operator (commercial dispute, technical problem, ...) you will be impacted on all your offers.

More economical box + mobile offers?

Another very important point is of course the price of these box + mobile packs. From a general point of view it is not necessarily cheaper to choose a combined offer. Indeed it is often more interesting to vary the operators in order to be able to choose the cheapest package on the market for your box and your mobile. If the two most interesting offers are with the same operator it will be a happy coincidence. Moreover, some operators offer special discounts for their customers with a box subscription and a mobile package with them. These discounts may allow you to get a low price for your packages but they are often limited in time. So be careful that the duration of the commitment does not exceed the duration of the promotion. Otherwise you will have to pay the full price for the remaining commitment period. This can be very expensive.

Combination offers that often include a commitment

The box + mobile pack can therefore be very practical for the management of your subscriptions and also from an economic point of view in case of a discount. Moreover, these offers usually oblige you to make a commitment to the chosen operator. This is a significant point in view of the numerous mobile package and box promotions offered on the market. These commitments are usually for 12 or 24 months. You will therefore not be able to change operator during this period and it is likely that you will miss out on a much more interesting offer. A point not to be neglected if you want to always be able to take advantage of the best offer on the market.

Which box + mobile offer should I choose?

Now that you know the advantages as well as the limits of the box + mobile packs you can make your decision. If these combined offers seem adapted to your needs, we will explain how to choose the best offer for you. To do this you will need to define your expectations for your mobile or box options. It is thanks to this that you will be able to choose your box + mobile package.

Define your needs for your mobile package

The options of the mobile plans being more varied we invite you to first choose a list of offers that could correspond to you. To do so, start by asking yourself the question of the required call duration. Most mobile packages today offer unlimited calls but if this is not useful you will find offers at very low prices with a limited call duration. The second question to ask yourself is the amount of data. If you are an intensive smartphone user make sure that your mobile plan offers enough web data per month. You can check your monthly data consumption via your smartphone settings. Finally, if you are used to travelling, make sure that your mobile data plan has enough data to be used abroad. Also check that the countries where this data can be used correspond to your destinations.

Choose the fibre or ADSL internet box

Once you have chosen the mobile plans that suit you, you will only have to find a box that suits you with their operators. To choose your box you must first define whether or not you are eligible for fiber optics. In order to find out, you can carry out an eligibility test directly on the operators' websites. This test is free and does not commit you to a subscription. Once you know whether you are looking for a fibre or ADSL offer, the second point concerns television. Indeed, if most of the Internet box offers offer television, some packages are offered without this option at a very competitive price. A good way to reduce your bill if you don't use a TV decoder. Finally, the last point concerns the connection speed. If you use your connection intensively (HD video streaming, online games, downloads, etc.) don't hesitate to choose an offer with a high maximum connection speed. This will prevent you from being slowed down during your daily use.

The price of your pack box + mobile

Finally, the element that should tip the balance towards this or that box + mobile offer is of course the price. Pay attention to the different promotions offered by operators to make sure you get the best price for your packages. As mentioned above, also be careful about the duration of the commitment so that it does not exceed the duration of your promotion. This will prevent you from paying a lot of money during the end of your commitment with no way out. You now know everything you need to know about the pack box + mobile. We hope that this will allow you to make your choice as well as great savings every month.
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