Which mobile plan should you choose if you travel regularly?

Do you often travel abroad for leisure or work? Do you want to find a package adapted to these frequent trips without breaking the bank? We give you all our tips to make maximum savings on your international mobile package. This way you can enjoy your holidays without having to worry about a possible out of package deal!

Define your way of travelling: destinations, duration, frequency ...

In order to choose the right package you will have to define what type of traveller you are. Indeed, international mobile packages vary according to the destinations and options offered (call duration, web data ...). That's why you will need to ask yourself some questions before choosing your mobile offer.

What are the destinations I will be visiting?

The question of the countries you will visit during the duration of your subscription is essential. Indeed, many unlimited mobile packages offer by default a certain amount of usable data in the EU and DOM in addition to unlimited calls / SMS. So if you don't plan to leave these areas, you can opt for a "classic" mobile package that will allow you to use a few gigabytes during your travels. The amount of data is usually limited: 5GB/month on average. That's why we advise you to use the wifi network available in your accommodation as much as possible, for example. If you have to travel to more varied destinations (outside Europe and the French overseas departments), this is where you should be more vigilant. Indeed, you will need to find the international mobile package that will allow you to use your smartphone at no extra cost in the country or countries you visit. If you are travelling to the USA or Canada, several plans should be suitable for you. These two countries are often included in the "high-end" packages of the incumbent operators or their online brands (Sosh, RED ...). For those who travel to more "exotic" destinations, the choice of packages will be greatly reduced and you will often have to opt for temporary "international" options in addition to your offer.

What is the frequency/duration of my trips?

As explained above, many packages offer a few gigs internationally for occasional travellers. However, this may not be suitable for you if you travel more intensively. You should therefore define how often and for how long you travel before choosing your mobile package. If you are used to being abroad often, we advise you to opt for an offer containing a lot of gigas abroad. These packages are generally a little more expensive but this will save you from having to pay out of package or not being able to use your smartphone when you travel. If you are travelling for a very long time (several months) we simply recommend that you opt for a local mobile package. To do so, check the different websites of the local operators to find a mobile package without commitment that will suit your needs. You can also opt for prepaid cards that will save you the hassle of dealing with the operators. The last solution for very long journeys is to subscribe to one of the local operators in the country you are travelling to. Find your local operator near you on The Shops. You may choose to opt for prepaid cards, which are often easier to access than subscribing to a mobile package. They effectively avoid all the administrative procedures of subscription or cancellation. To do so, we invite you to check the different websites of local operators to find the best offer that suits your needs. You now know everything about how to choose your international mobile package. The most important thing is to define your way of travelling so that you can then choose the best solution that suits you.
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