Which dual SIM smartphone to choose?

In recent years, the dual SIM or dual SIM phone system has undergone a great evolution. It started with the arrival of entry-level phones. And today, this option touches many smartphones. Users of phones with android or other mobile operating systems are constantly searching for a smartphone with dual SIM. Although this type of phone with two SIM cards was still rare a few years ago, it has become indispensable. These models have become commonplace as they are very useful for people who don't want to be bothered with multiple smartphone devices.

How the dual SIM works on Smartphone

The dual SIM smartphone option is a trend coming from China. Because of its practicality, it was quickly adopted in Europe, and even in several countries around the world. Dual SIM is still managed natively with other phones. However, it differs from one smartphone to another. For example, some systems allow dual SIM cards to be used in succession and others do not, because it is used one at a time. If the dual SIM smartphone appeals to you, it is best to consider the type of device slot click here . There is also a hybrid slot. Even if a blocked smartphone is in dual SIM, the operator will only accept the SIM card of the operator concerned. Once unblocked, the problem is re-established and it does not persist in the constraints of the chip or SIM card used.

Selection and choice of the best high-end dual SIMs

In most cases, smartphones are dual SIM, whether they are entry-level, mid-range or high-end. However, beware of buying a smartphone under contract with an operator. Indeed, Sony or Samsung, for example, offer smartphones with a single SIM to different operators. Among the high-end dual SIM smartphones, there is the Galaxy family. Samsung offers all its star or top-of-the-range products in dual or dual versions.

The selection of the best dual SIM mid-range

Of course, it is not only high-end smartphones that could benefit from dual SIM functionality. Many entry-level and mid-range phones offer the possibility of using this option. There are some very interesting devices for less than 200 euros. There are a multitude of choices on both entry-level and mid-range smartphones. On the Apple side, the dual SIM system has been launched with the 2018 range. There are smartphones that use nano SIM and eSIM cards. The system of the latter is the digital SIM card that allows the mobile phone package to be activated at the operator level without the use of the nano SIM card. Of course, there are also other smartphones with dual SIMs. Indeed, these choices and selections are not exhaustive.
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