What pitfalls to avoid when buying a refurbished smartphone?

Nowadays, there is a wide choice of smartphones, but unfortunately, new mobiles are not within everyone's reach. However, for those who don't want to invest too much in buying a phone, some online sellers offer refurbished devices. Before you go down this road, here are a few pitfalls to avoid.

Difference between new and refurbished phones

It's clear that buying a new smartphone is still the best option if you want a guarantee that it won't break down after a few months. However, there is another solution if you want a recent device at a lower cost: refurbished phones. These are the ones that have been returned by customers because they were defective or simply sold by their former owners. They have undergone mobile diagnostics and, if necessary, are refurbished. Find a shop selling refurbished phones close to you on https://www.the-shops.co.uk/.

Online sellers: warranty is key

Reconditioning by manufacturers is generally preferable, as it guarantees a higher standard, although it is more difficult to obtain. However, when you do price comparisons, you will find that some online vendors offer refurbished units at very low prices. But one of the most important considerations when making such a purchase is the warranty, which varies in length from one retailer to another and depends on the degree of refurbishment. The longer the warranty, the more certain you will be of having an appliance that won't let you down in a short period of time.

Refurbished mobiles: beware of overly attractive offers

If you buy a refurbished phone, make sure it will work with your Sim. Operator-locked smartphones are cheaper than factory-unlocked ones. But network providers do charge an unlocking fee for refurbished phones that are still on a subscription contract. Also remember that the best offers are often full of scams. If you buy a used phone, and later it is reported as stolen, it will be blacklisted. Reconditioned smartphones are very different from new phones: they will usually not come with the original packaging and may not include all the accessories, but they will have been tested and come with a warranty. However, be careful not to rush into over-pricing, as they may be stolen devices.
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