What are the best smartphones in terms of value for money?

Currently, the smartphone has become a must-have device. It is especially prized for its connectivity and social impact. Indeed, it allows you to share documents with your friends and family, contact them, and search on the Internet. To fulfill all its functions, the smartphone requires a certain performance, which is also associated with a different cost depending on the smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S9+: a price too high for its performance?

Before choosing your smartphone, it is advisable to make a price and performance comparison. The Samsung Galaxy S9+ is classified in the category of high-end smartphones. This is associated with a rather high price for those who dare to invest in it. Still, the Samsung Galaxy range is rather powerful and tends towards perfection. Compared to other smartphones of the same standing, under Android, the cost of this phone is equivalent to that of a mini pocket computer. This smartphone has a camera with 2 main sensors of 12 Mpx each and is equipped with a front device of 8 Mpx. It is equipped with a battery that has an autonomy of 3500 mAh. The Galaxy S9+ is equipped with 6Gb of RAM and an Exynos 9810 processor and has a storage capacity of 64Gb.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9: a mobile more than performing

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 offers a configuration almost identical to the Galaxy S9+. The improvements are mostly visible in the internal storage. This smartphone has 6 GB of RAM associated with the Exynos 9810, in addition to an internal storage of 128 Gb expandable up to 512 Gb. It is equipped with a quality camera, combining a dual sensor of 12 mega pixels and 8 mega pixels in front mode. For more autonomy, the battery capacity has been increased, it is 4000 mAh wireless rechargeable and lasts a full day.

A budget adapted according to the performance of the smartphone

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is not the only reference for a smartphone offering the best value for money. Some smartphones offer less performance than the latter, but they are significantly cheaper than the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. There are even a few smartphones that have the same technical features as the Galaxy Note 9, but are sold at cheaper prices. For example, there is the Huawei Pro Mate 10, which is very popular with consumers, precisely because of its good value for money.
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