[Tutorial]: Synchronizing the contents of your Galaxy Note 2 with S Cloud

You are beginning to become accustomed to technical terms, which are of English origin and which pass into everyday French. That's how the cloud appeared and corresponds to the online storage service. You no longer need to save your data on a memory card or external hard drive, they are saved on external servers. In addition to saving space, you can have this data on any of your terminals. Not yet officially present at Samsung for the moment, the online storage goes through another client, Dropbox. With 50GB of storage offered with your Galaxy Note 2, you can already enjoy this service, while waiting for Samsung's proprietary S Cloud. Today, we offer you to backup your data from your Galaxy Note 2 to the Cloud. Even if all in the menus indicate that S Cloud is ready to be deployed. Go to Settings, then Add Account. If you haven't done so yet, you will then do this: If you already have an account, enter your email address and the corresponding password. Otherwise press Create a new account and follow the instructions. Now go back to the Settings menu and go to Cloud. Then select Synch. Settings : You can now choose between several possible sync lists. Simply check the corresponding box, depending on what you want to be saved: All you have to do now is press Synchronize for the operation to be carried out. Now go back to the Cloud menu. You will then find a Backup tab. By clicking on it, you will be able to access a new menu : You can thus choose to make automatic backups, to choose the backup options (Log, SMS, MMS and wallpaper), to know the date of the last backup or to restore your data. From now on, all your personal data will be backed up and you will be able to dispose of it as you wish.
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