Snapdragon 855 Processor: the innovation for this year!

Qualcomm has definitely raised the bar for its competitors by unveiling its new SnapDragon 855 processor, replacing the SnapDragon 845. This processor offers 5G compatibility and improved AI performance. This is good news for mobile gamers.

Early details about the SnapDragon 855

Unveiled to the public at the SnapDragon Summit event, the new processor offers three times the capacity and performance improvements over its predecessor. Like competitors that have already introduced a 7nm chip, the SnapDragon 855 is expected to follow suit. The most important contribution of this processor will be the progress of the Spectra ISP, the SnapDragon Elite Gaming.

SnapDragon 855 Highlights

Equipped with improved artificial intelligence, Qualcomm's new chip will bring great innovation to the market. Improving performance on existing options in a smartphone. Namely, a new configuration of fingerprint reader, a device that can recognise shapes and objects, and optimisation for mobile gaming. Limiting battery power consumption is also one of the advantages Qualcomm has designed for this new processor. Bugs and overheating of the smartphone will also be corrected through the implementation of this revolutionary new processor, which is the SnapDragon 855.

Conversion to 5G

Following the appearance of this processor, attention is focused on the new 5G compatibility. Already, the 4G connection speed is very profitable. Certainly, the 5G one will allow you to take advantage of multi-gigabit download speeds. In other words, the 5G will allow downloading in large quantities with guaranteed speed. However, the market is still overwhelmed by 4G-compatible smartphones. In addition, telephone networks are not yet adapted for 5G. In addition, it should be noted that this new compatibility is not linked to the SoC of the SnapDragon 855, which integrates 4G compatibility. This 5G innovation therefore seems to be a full-fledged 5G innovation inserted in the X50 modem. The modernity of the wave of 5G phones is thus dissociated from the SnapDragon 855. In order to conquer the 4G compatibility market, and in order to bring its share of modernity, Qualcomm is banking on a high-performance processor and 5G compatibility inserted separately from the latter. Whether you're a 4G enthusiast or looking forward to 5G, will help you find a smartphone shop close to you.
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