[Tutorial]: Resetting the Galaxy Flash Counter Note 2

Are you a hacker at heart and like to install Custom ROMs on your Galaxy Note 2? However, this may have a (minor) impact on the device. Indeed, in some cases, when rebooting the terminal, you may get acquainted with a certain yellow triangle that disappears just before the boot animation. And when you go for a walk in the download mode, you will see that your flash counter is unfortunately no longer blank. This can be reproached to you if your terminal must leave in guarantee. But there is a solution to this problem, by making the yellow triangle disappear at startup and by resetting the flash counter: this is the Triangle Away application. But before you start the procedure, you should know that we decline any responsibility in case of brick or loss of data from your phone. Even if the operation is simple and extremely rare, there is no such thing as zero risk. First of all, your Galaxy Note 2 must be rooted. If this is not the case, you can perform this operation very easily by following our complete tutorial. Start by downloading the application (available here) then copy it to your phone. You just have to go to the file manager to install it. To do this, go to Settings then Security and check the Unknown sources box. Once the installation is carried out, think of making the reverse manipulation, in order to authorize only the applications coming from the Play Store. Then run the application. It will ask you to confirm the model number, GT-N7100, then press Download and wait for the program to download (Wi-Fi or 3G).
  • Now that the application is fully installed, run it and select Reset flash counter
  • A warning message appears
All you have to do is confirm by pressing Continue. Your Galaxy Note 2 will then reboot and display a screen close to Recovery mode. At the same time, you will see a large yellow triangle with a bar. Don't panic, this is normal. If you wish, you can go back by pressing the Volume Down button, thus restarting the phone. However, if you wish to reset the flash counter and no longer display this yellow triangle when starting up, press Volume Up. Your phone will reboot and you will no longer have a yellow triangle appearing. To convince yourself, simply turn off your smartphone and restart it in Download mode (press Volume Down + Home + Power simultaneously, then Volume Up).
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