[Tutorial] : Installing the Flash Player on the Galaxy Note 2

The arrival of Jelly Bean on our terminals is a classic evolution in the life of an OS, in this case Android. It allows to add additional features, but sometimes it can subtract from them. So with the arrival of Android 4.1, the flash player is no longer supported. As a result, some videos or animations are no longer visible on our smartphones. But as always, we have a solution. So today, we offer you a very simple manipulation that will allow you to reintegrate the flash player on your Galaxy Note 2, while remaining under Jelly Bean. Start by downloading the flash.apk v115.17 file. Then copy it to your device, internal memory or microSD card. Then go to Settings then Security and check the Unknown Sources checkbox. In the file manager, i.e. My folders (present in the applications) run the apk and install the file. It does not remain you any more but to return in Parameters then Security and uncheck the box Unknown sources. You now have the flash player on your Galaxy Note 2, while enjoying Jelly Bean. By launching the application, you will be able to authorize (or not) the recording of data, in order to facilitate your future navigations.
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