[Tutorial] Backing up the EFS directory of your Galaxy Note 2

This tutorial is primarily aimed at fans of their Galaxy Note 2 hack. Do you like to flash your Galaxy Note 2? Do you often change your ROM or kernel in order to get the smoothest phone possible? Then this tutorial is a must for you. We will detail how to save your EFS phonebook. This tutorial is very simple and if you are familiar with flashing/rotating, then this will be just a formality for you. First of all, what is the EFS folder and why is it necessary to save it? The answer is very simple: because it contains the IMEI number of your smartphone. If it were to be deleted when flashing a ROM or a kernel, then you would probably be very annoyed, as it would be totally impossible to make calls or send messages. Before the drama happens, you should therefore back up the EFS phonebook so that you can restore it in case of a problem, so that you can continue to enjoy your phone. The procedure is very simple and we will detail it now. First of all, your phone must be rooted. If this is not done, you can consult our tutorial to rotate the Galaxy Note 2 (without operator overlay). Extract the downloaded archive. Now take your Galaxy Note 2 and go to Settings -> Development Options and make sure the USB Debugging checkbox is checked. Run the Backup_EFS file obtained during extraction.
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