Sony’s new smartphones capture reality in 3D

If the main concerns of mobile phone manufacturers are about the performance and power of their Smartphone, the Japanese group Sony Mobile focuses instead on the ability of its Smartphone to make 3D captures. Unlike its competitors, the Japanese manufacturer is not looking to conquer the global smartphone market, but to build customer loyalty by improving its product.

What is 3D reality capture?

Virtual reality, or 3D reality, is becoming increasingly popular with consumers. That's why Sony Mobile has developed an application to meet this demand: the 3D creator. A mobile application, specific to Sony smartphones, that scans reality and transforms it into a virtual image. This 3D scanning application combines the pleasant with the useful, as it allows you to create video game characters or even project an object in a place, before defining its location in the real world.

Sony Mobile's sales policy in the face of rising smartphone prices

Every month, new phones appear on the mobile market. Each new release is associated with an exorbitant price. Among other things, the price increase is due to the costs generated by the amount of mobile components. Since the Japanese group is targeting only two market areas internationally, the Japanese group is expected to lower the selling price of Sony products to reach more consumers. However, if the selling price of Sony Mobile phones is low enough, the Japanese brand will try to replenish its coffers by selling the different phone components to competitors. By subscribing to Ciel Telecom's mobile offers, you will be able to benefit from a wide range of smartphones equipped with 3D reality technology.

The Sony smartphone against the competition

The market covered by the Japanese group is rather limited compared to that of competitors such as Apple and Samsung. However, a number of competing smartphones also have a device incorporating a 3D sensor, which is used for facial recognition as a screen lock. In addition, other mobile scanning applications are also available on the market. This is likely to disrupt the sale of Sony's new devices. However, Sony smartphones are making a major difference, thanks to this application, which attracted the public at its official launch. In other words, this mobile has helped to build loyalty among Sony's fans.
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