Flip Cover: a new range with a soft touch coating

The famous Samsung Flip Cover is no longer to be presented. By replacing the original rear cover and adding a flap for the Galaxy Note 2's large screen, it effectively protects Samsung's latest smartab while keeping its original slimness. But its main drawback is that it's coated with the same "hyperglaze" as the original shell, giving it a super shiny look, but also slippery and quite sensitive to scratches. That's why Samsung has just announced a new range of Flip Covers, available in a variety of colours but with a soft touch coating, making it easier to hold (your Galaxy Note 2 won't slip when you hold it) and scratch-proof. The new Flip Covers will be available in UK at different prices. No date or price has yet been announced for France, but it's probably only a matter of days before these new protections will arrive in our green countries.
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