Samsung Galaxy X, a new foldable smartphone planned for 2019

The South Korean giant's famous foldable smartphone will be on the market at the beginning of the first half of 2019. This announcement was officially declared during the mobile world congress 2019, where a brief light was shed on this new Samsung Galaxy.

Samsung Galaxy X or F, a mystery before going on sale on the market

Since 2018, rumors on social networks about the existence of a new smartphone from the Samsung range have been going around. According to Internet users, this smartphone will exceed consumers' expectations in the field of mobile telephony. Only a video showing a prototype of this smartphone with a foldable screen could filter through the web for a few months. It was during the mobile world congress 2019 that Samsung unveiled the details of this mobile: from its appearance to its technical features. Only the name of this little gem of technology remains a mystery. The name of this smartphone of the Samsung Galaxy series would be Samsung Galaxy X or F for "foldable", according to the sounds of the South Korean company.

The technical specifications of the Smartphone

The arrival of the Samsung Galaxy X or F on the smartphone market is eagerly awaited by many consumers around the world. This bodes well for the South Korean firm. Moreover, its configuration also remains unknown. However, according to the latest releases of the Samsung series in terms of mobile telephony, this new high-end smartphone, with a foldable screen, will be powerful and high-performance as well as an optimal configuration. With its roll-up screen, Samsung Galaxy X or F beats the records for high-end smartphone design. As for its performance, it will be equipped with the Exynos 9820 processor equivalent to the Qualcomm SnapDragon 855. An ultra powerful processor that corrects bugs, overheating of the mobile. Among other things, the new Samsung will be equipped with a 6000 mAh battery. It will thus be equipped with a great autonomy, compared to its predecessors. Meanwhile, the arrival of the new Samsung Galaxy, you can enjoy the performance and autonomy of the latest generation smartphones offered by Ciel Telecom, through its mobile offers.

The innovation of the foldable screen

Without knowing more details about this smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy X or F screen will meet consumer demand for a larger phone screen. The edges of this revolutionary smartphone will be completely replaced by the screen. Either a roll-up screen to provide a better user experience on the one hand and to facilitate the handling of the mobile on the other hand.
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