Prices for iPhone and Android smartphones will go up again

As the communication sector is constantly evolving, new ranges of smartphones are appearing on the market. They may be exorbitantly priced, but their performance is worth the price, according to mobile manufacturers. The Huawei range launched on the international market a few years ago has begun to align its prices with the two mobile phone giants Apple and Samsung.

Pricing strategy

It has been found that in two years the cost of telephones has risen considerably. However, the price of Android smartphones and the ever-increasing price of the iPhone do not prevent consumers from buying them. As with all manufacturers, the evaluation of costs is defined through pricing between competitors, the cost of mobile components or the incentives of telephone operators.

Trendy smartphones, despite their price

The Huawei Mate 10 Pro is a smartphone released in 2017. With a 6-inch screen, this phone offers an internal storage of 128 Gb including a 6 GB RAM. With the 4000 mAh, the battery life is a full day. In addition, this phone has a dual camera of 12 and 20 mega pixels, as well as 8 mega pixels in front. Released in 2018, the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S9 differs by 0.2 inch less than that of the Huawei Mate 10 Pro and offers internal storage ranging from 64 to 128 Gb including 4 GB of RAM. In addition, the battery of the Samsung Galaxy S9 differs by 1000 mAh less than the latter, for an autonomy of one day. The associated camera is 12 mega pixels in dorsal and 8 mega pixels in frontal. The price given by the Huawei range for its Mate 10 Pro remains however very competitive to that of the Galaxy S9. The competition between these two smartphones is not only limited to their price, but also to their performance. Whether it is one or the other, or other mobile models, find a shop and buy a trendy smartphone today.

The rush for novelty

New smartphones with new options appear on the market every year. Mobile phone manufacturers impose their prices according to the latest trends, the prices of their competitors' smartphones and the purchasing power of consumers. The latter are now willing to spend a fortune to get the latest fashionable and freshly released smartphone.
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