How can you double the life of your battery?

Even nowadays, it's hard to go 24 hours without plugging your smartphone into a power bank. The best battery technology hasn't arrived yet. While waiting for phone, operating system and even processor manufacturers to work on solving this problem, you can try these three tips.

Saving energy with the right brightness setting

You love that big, colourful screen on your smartphone, but it's the deadly enemy of the battery! More than any other component of your phone, the screen consumes energy at a frantic rate. Most phones or tablets include an automatic brightness feature that automatically adjusts to the ambient light. Of course, you'll get better results by reducing the light intensity on your screen to the lowest level. Therefore, it is best to activate the automatic screen lock after a few minutes of non-use.

Tablets: Disable non-essential notifications

Almost all applications now search the Internet for updates, news, messages and other information. When they find something, they trigger the screen to turn on and display a message. All of these things mean that if they are not disabled, you will use the powerbank sooner than you think. So it's important to avoid these unnecessary notifications and eliminate unnecessary distractions throughout the day.

Disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on your smartphone

Even if your phone is equipped with its original battery, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are real battery traps. Although you may need to use your home or office internet connection instead of 3G or 4G and other data services, it's not a good idea to leave the feature on when you're on the go. Turn it off when you go out and turn it back on only when you plan to use data services within range of your wireless network. In iOS, it is easier to turn Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on and off. Simply slide your finger up to display the control center. Hidden in the settings, some menus typically offer many options to avoid having to use second batteries and chargers for up to 48 hours. While most of these will have minimal impact on battery life, when combined they can become important.
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